Threeplay PHP Class

A simple class for interacting with the 3play Media API. Download

Basic Setup

// Include the Class
require_once 'ThreePlay.class.php';

// Set the API key provided by 3play
$apikey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

// Initialize a new instance of the Class
$threeplay = new ThreePlay($apikey);

Sample Requests

Check the status of a transcript

$file_id = 0000000

Download a transcript file

$file_id = 0000000; // Replace with the ID of a transcript file

Create a Batch and order a transcript

// Create the Batch
$batch_name = 'New Batch';
$batch_id = $threeplay->createBatch($batch_name);

// Order the Transcript
$file = 'path/to/file.mp4';
$threeplay->order($file, 'Name of Video', $batch_id);

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