Craigslist Jobs

This is my first Google Chrome Extension. It is a basic extension that shows a list of the most recent job postings on Craigslist for whatever US or Canadian City you select on the options page. Clicking on an entry in the list toggles the job’s description and provides you with a link to the original job listing on Craigslist. There is also a nifty little search bar to search the Craigslist site.

You can just grab it via the Chrome Web Store.

If you’d like to take a look at the code, improve upon or edit the extension yourself, now you can fork the project files on GitHub

Updates / Changes:

Version 1.8 (2019.08.14)

  • Updated to work with Craigslist’s new RSS url schema

Version 1.7 (2014.01.22)

  • Added support for searching jobs in Canada
  • Updated deprecated jquery ajax properties

Version 1.5 (2013.06.30)

  • Completely redesigned icon and Google webstore graphics
  • Fixed bug with selecting No. of entries on the options page
  • Updated to latest jQuery version
  • Miscellaneous HTML & CSS updates and fixes

Version 1.4 (2013.06.02)

  • Upgraded to Manifest 2
  • Visited job postings are now color coded
  • Project is now available for forking on github
  • Changed and simplified the XML parsing function
  • Changed #header and #footer to position:fixed
  • Changed search bar css and added button image
  • Cleaned up miscellaneous HTML and jQuery

Version 1.2 (2012.08.21)

  • Added support for all US locations
  • Simplified the CSS and JavaScript
  • Added a Cancel button to the Options page

Version 1.1 (2012.01.15)

  • Options page is now integrated into popup
  • Options display on first use
  • Slight changes to CSS
  • Options link added to bottom of jobs list

Version 1.0 (2011.09.15)

  • Options page added
  • Added support for all major US cities via the options page
  • Added the ability to limit entries to specific job types
  • Added option to choose the number of entries that display in the dropdown
  • New icons

Version 0.9 (2011.09.14)

There were so many improvements and changes to this version that I opted to skip a few version numbers.

  • Improved loading time
  • Animated gif loading image
  • Job descriptions load natively, instead of in a new tab
  • Job listing links change color after viewing
  • Improved icons
  • Cleaned up code

Version 0.1 (2011.09.12)

First release.