The Disco Biscuits

I managed to be on the rail for the last night of the Fillmore run. This was a fun set of shows.

Gnarbot and Karmic Juggernaut

I recorded both of these sets using my Tascam DR-22WL. The tracking, normalization and conversion to FLAC was handled using Audacity.

This was a great show. Gnarbot is one of my favorite new acts and they just happen to be a local band. Mage Hand opened the show, but I arrived too late to record any of their set.

Karmic Juggernaut: URL:

Gnarbot: URL:


I went to this show on a whim and really had no idea what to expect. I knew Scott Metzger from seeing him play with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, but hadn’t dived into any of his other work. The show consisted of an entirely instrumental mix of material of varying styles. I was not disappointed.

I recorded this show using my Tascam DR-22WL and normalized, tracked and converted it to FLAC using Audacity. URL:

Note: Someone actually did a much better job of recording this show.